Vipera Cables – Transmission of emotions
We are proud of our products and have heard the benefits of them. But don’t just take our word for it, here are what the reviewers say:
”Both Xanthinas never failed at what I’m searching for in components; the music”
”These are almost budget priced cables with performance that could match or rival cables priced a few times above Vipera”
Matej Isak, Mono&Stereo

“Their price is too low, when regarded against their workmanship, packaging and sound”
“Many music lover who complain about the dry or technical sound of their system, will chase – like a hungry cat a fat mouse”
“The treble is noble, it has splendid reverb, an aftertaste of sweetness… Finally we get what we paid for”
Wojciech Pacula, High Fidelity

“Should you be having the drool-all brands & electronics – Xanthina could take quite a lot of competition you throw at it, with ease”
Sid Trehan, The Global Audiophile Network