Project Description

At one time, all consumer audio electronics had unbalanced inputs and outputs, and all professional gear used balanced connections and cables. Balanced connections were considered both unnecessary and too expensive for home audio systems at the time.

The emergence of High-End audio changed all that, and instead of using the least expensive connection method, High-End equipment designers started using higher quality balanced interconnects and terminations in consumer audio gear.

In an unbalanced line, the audio signal appears across the center pin of the RCA plug and the shield, or ground wire. In the Xanthina XLR (balanced) interconnect uses four 99,9999% pure OFC (oxygene free copper) conductors: two carrying the negative signal, two carrying the positive and finally a dual shielding for ground.

The two signals in a balanced cable are identical, but 180 degrees out of phase, with each other. When the signal in one of the conductors is at peak positive, the signal in the other conductor is at peak negative. The shield is signal ground. When the two identical but opposite polarity signals carried on the balanced interconnect, are received in the audio-component, noise picked up by the balanced interconnect is rejected.

Each conductor in the Xanthina XLR, is surrounded by our special hybrid material to further ensure minimized signal loss from the inside, and resulting in the lowest capacitive load of the source possible, without compromising the sound quality. Furthermore, the Xanthina XLR interconnects uses a high density dual shielding that further protects the signal from external electrical interference or magnetism, which keeps unwanted noise from the signal to reach your amplifier.
The heightened purity in the copper used in the Xanthina XLR interconnect insures the signal to travel with the highest speed and accuracy through the conductor material. This allows the signal, to contain all of the original information from the source, resulting in an articulate, transparent and pristine sound with an ability to produce a soundstage depth with the sense of instruments hanging in three-dimensional space.

As with all of the Xanthina series, the plugs are made of the highest quality materials and the Xanthina XLR interconnect uses plugs that establish a constant, firm contact to the XLR male/female plugs on your equipment. Furthermore the plugs on the Xanthina XLR interconnects are made of a high purity of copper and a thick layer of 24K gold as the final finish to supplement the highest finish and sound quality possible.

The Xanthina XLR is the finishing touch to let the rest of your audio components, perform at their highest level.

The Vipera Xanthina XLR interconnect cables are available in lengths of 1.0m and 3.0m.


– 99.9999% Oxygen Free Copper Conductors
– Vipera Hybrid insulation for low capacitive load
– High density dual-layer shielding for maximum noise rejection
– Corrosion-Resistant 24K gold plated connectors
– High quality XLR plugs

Xanthina Interconnect XLR Cables:
1.0 meter (3,3 feet) = 199£
3.0 meter (9.8 feet) = 249£