Project Description


Loudspeakers are the final link in an audio system, and have more effect on the final result than any other component in your system. But your speakers can only sound as good as the cables used to connect them
Unlike interconnects, which carry low-level signals, loudspeaker cables carry much higher voltages and current. Loudspeaker cables thus react more with the components they are connected to.

The Vipera Xanthina speaker cable is a twin leads cable that are constructed to deliver the signals from your amplifier to your speakers, with the highest quality possible and as with the rest of the Xanthina series, the cable will offer superior finish as well.

Compared to the Barani speaker cables, the Xanthina uses higher purity of oxygen free copper conductors. The purity of 99,9999 % ensures the signal to travel with the highest speed and accuracy through the conductor material. This allows the signal, to contain all of the original information from the source, resulting in an articulate, transparent and pristine sound with an ability to produce a soundstage depth with the sense of instruments hanging in three dimensional space.

Furthermore the conductors is divided by our internal hybrid dielectric isolation which ensures a perfect accuracy of the signal, and therefore avoiding signal loss from within, resulting in superb detail and musical realism.

The terminations at the ends of a speaker cable are a part of the transmission path and high quality terminations are therefore essential to a good sounding cable. The Xanthina speaker cables is fitted with terminated 24K gold plated spade connectors that ensures the best signal transfer possible, which furthermore contribute to the sound quality of this speaker cable.

The Xanthina speaker cable combines an ultimate flexibility and affordability in an audiophile world for High-End and home-theater enthusiasts who expect a world class performance from their audio-system.

The Xanthina speaker cables are available in lengths of 2.0m, 3.0m, and 5.0m.
(All speaker cables come in pairs).


– 99.9999% Oxygen Free Copper Conductors
– High quality Corrosion-Resistant 24K gold plated spade-connectors
– Vipera Hybrid insulation for ultra low capacitive load
– Capacitance: 16.7 pF/ft


Xanthina Speaker cable:
2.0 meter (6.5 feet) = 249£
3.0 meter (9.8 feet) = 299£
5.0 meter (16.4 feet) = 349£