Project Description

Interconnects are a very important but often overlooked link in your audio system and the right choice of interconnects can bring out the best performance from your system. Inferior cable designs will never let your system achieve its full musical potential.

Interconnects should strike a balance between resolution of information and a sense of ease and smoothness but many interconnects overlay the treble with a coarse texture. With a result that sounds rough rather than smooth and liquid. The Xanthina interconnect gives you an open, airy and extended treble without sounding overly bright, etched or analytical but rather with a smoother treble and finer resolution of detail.

Compared to the Barani interconnects, the Xanthina uses oxygen free copper conductors of a higher purity that amounts to 99,9999 %. The high purity ensures the signal to travel with the highest speed and accuracy through the conductor material. This allows the signal to contain all of the original information from the source, resulting in an articulate, transparent and pristine sound with an ability to produce a precise and clear three dimensional soundstage.

The high quality of the signal transfer also stems from the internal insulation that is made from our special hybrid material to further ensure minimized signal loss from the inside and resulting in the lowest possible capacitive load of the source possible without compromising the sound quality. Furthermore, the Xanthina interconnects uses a high density dual shielding that protects the signal from external electrical interference or magnetism, which keeps unwanted noise from the signal to reach your amplifier.

As with all of the Xanthina series, the plugs are made of the highest quality materials and compared to the Barani interconnects, the Xanthina is fitted with locking RCA plugs that establish a constant, firm contact to the RCA female plugs on your equipment. Through a variable pressure build-up system, the pressure is created by twisting the shell on the plug, ensuring a tight fit that results in a perfect contact between your audio products.
Furthermore the plugs on the Xanthina interconnects are made of a higher purity of copper and thicker layer of 24K gold as the final finish to supplement the highest sound quality possible.

We at Vipera strive for the combination of emotions and the technical side of signal transfer and we design cables that have the ability to portray the music´s dynamic structure, on both the small and the large scales.

The Xanthina interconnects are the finishing touch to let the rest of your audio components perform at their highest level.

The Vipera Xanthina interconnect cables are available in lengths of 1.0m and 3.0m.


– 99.9999% Oxygen Free Copper Conductors
– Vipera Hybrid insulation for low capacitive load
– High density dual-layer shielding for maximum noise rejection
– Corrosion-Resistant 24K gold plated connectors
– High quality plugs with integrated locking feature
– Capacitance: 31.7 pF/ft

Xanthina Interconnect RCA Cables:
1.0 meter (3,3 feet) = 199£
3.0 meter (9.8 feet) = 249£