Project Description

Audio these days are getting more and more focused on digital audio and signal transfer, as the technologies in digital audio is getting better by the minute. The Xanthina digital cable has been designed to satisfy today’s high demand for a High-End digital audio cable, to link between a digital source and a Digital to Analogue Converter (DAC).
The link between two digital sources, meaning the cable, is very crucial to the end result in your audio system. To design a great digital cable, one will have to overcome a lot of obstacles such as impedance match and jitter.

Jitter refers to timing error in the clock that controls when the source’s digital samples are converted into music. If the digital samples are converted into an analogue signal (music) with a jittered clock, distortion is introduced. This results in harsh treble, loss of dynamics, less taut bass and poor defined image in the soundstage etc.
A primary reason for poor sounding digital cables is the impedance. Many digital coaxial cables miss being true 75 ohm which is the preffered (standard) impedanse to link between your digital components. With the Xanthina Digital coaxial we have taken the overcoming of these obstacles to the next level by using the best materials possible. This is done in all aspects compared to the Barani digital cable as well as many other cable brands.

Like the Barani digital cable, the Xanthina is also a true 75 ohm construction. In a digital coaxial cable, this is one of the most important features, as already mentioned. Any other impedance will result in an uneven Standing Wave Ratio (SWR), which expresses itself as severe distortion of the signal. This raises the level of jitter, meaning the level of corruption in the timing of digital information.
The Xanthina digital cable uses 99,9999 % pure OFC conductors and the high purity ensures the signal to travel with the highest speed and accuracy through the conductor material. This allows the digital signal, to contain all of the original information from the source, resulting in an articulate, transparent and pristine sound with an ability to produce a natural and realistic soundstage.
The special hybrid internal insulation material further ensures a minimum of signal loss from the inside and resulting in the lowest capacitive load of the source. Furthermore, the Xanthina digital cable uses a high density dual shielding that protects the signal from external electrical interference or magnetism, which keeps unwanted noise from the signal to reach your DAC.
The Xanthina digital coaxial cable is fitted with plugs that are made of the highest quality materials and compared to the Barani interconnects, the Xanthina uses locking RCA plugs that establish a constant, firm contact to the RCA female plugs on your equipment. Through a variable pressure build-up system, the pressure is created by twisting the shell on the plug, ensuring a tight fit that results in a perfect contact between your audio products. Furthermore the plugs on the Xanthina digital cable are made of a higher purity of copper and thicker layer of 24K gold as the final finish to supplement the high sound quality.
The Xanthina digital coaxial cable offers an enhanced performance of your audio-system in terms of a natural soundstage, clarity and precision not heard before in this price-range and will work as a perfect link between your digital source to your Hi-Fi/High-End DAC (digital to analogue converter).

The Xanthina digital coaxial cables are available in lengths of 1.0m and 3.0m.

– Coaxial construction optimized for true 75 Ω impedance
– 99.9999% Oxygen Free Copper Conductors
– Vipera Hybrid insulation for low capacitive load
– High density dual-layer shielding for maximum noise rejection
– Corrosion-Resistant 24K gold plated connectors
– High quality plugs with integrated locking feature
– Capacitance: 17.6 pF/ft


1.0 meter (3,3 feet) = 149£
3.0 meter (9.8 feet) = 199£